Frequently asked questions



  • How do I install MagicWall?

    1. Please place the unpacked the MagicWall panels on a flat surface and let them lie for 24 hours so they may go back to their original shape.
    2. Before starting assembly it’s good to get the basic tools like: spirit level, wall paper knife and a meter, ready.
    3. Measure the mounting surface (wall or ceiling) accurately and mark orientation points and supporting lines.
    4. Clean the mounting surface with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.
    5. Cutting to size, if necessary, can be done in a simple way with a wallpaper knife (when cutting please be careful not to hurt yourself or anyone else)
    6. Mounting: Remove the backing paper only just before putting the panel on the wall and apply the minimum amount of pressure so that you are able to remove and place it again if necessary.
    7. Once you affix the first panel, you can add the next ones. There are many ways for joining the panels. When fixing the concrete looking panel sit is worth to leave a 1 cm gap between the panels. With other types of panel sit is good to lightly squeeze the panels together to avoid a gap between them.

    Easy mounting
    of our panels lets you enjoy our product and the possibility of fitting it in many places.

  • For what interiors is MagicWall suited?
    In order to maintain MagicWall in the best condition, we do not recommend fitting them in areas with increased humidity such as a bathroom or outdoors.
  • May MagicWall be fitted around a fireplace?
    Yes, as long as the surface you’re applying MagicWall to isn’t exposed to the fire’s combustible materials – it needs to be 45cm from the fire source or flue. Make sure to consult your stove or fire installer for advice, as every situation is unique.
  • May I cut MagicWall?
    Of course! In order to create individualistic wall you even SHOULD trim MagicWall however you like. All you need is a fine paper-knife and a ruler to ensure that you cut the foam in smooth lines.
  • May I put MagicWall on the ceiling?
    If only this is what you wish! There are no boundaries of how you should install the panels. Just make sure that you follow the same installation procedure as for walls.
  • What are the additional tools that are required to install MagicWall?
    The best feature of MagicWall is that you almost do not need any tools to install them. However, a leer and a paper-knife might come handy. That’s all – you’re only limited by your imagination.




  • How many MagicWall panels do I need for my interior?
    To make sure that you order the right amount of MagicWall panels just measure the width and the height of your wall.
  • What is MagicWall manufactured of?
    We have found a new application for a construction-common product, which is a polyurethane foam which evinces many sound and thermal qualities. Certified organic pigment.
    Tailor-made foil.
  • How should I treat MagicWall after unpacking it?
    After unpacking MagicWall panels be sure to wait with the assembly for about 24 hours. Lower temperature may increase the volume of the panel by 1 mm when the higher temperature may reduce the volume by 1 mm. MagicWall panels also need to rest 🙂
  • May I use Magic Wall for commercial application?
    Of course!
  • May I possibly have issues with MagicWall not sticking?
    Absolutely not!
  • How should I clean MagicWall?
    We recommend dry cleaning.




  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    Smaller orders like samples take around five days, and larger orders can take to fourteen days. There might be the occasional delay, as we only send out the best panels and you can’t always rush nature.
  • Are there any samples available?
    Yes. You can order sample 15x15cm.
  • How much does the package weight?
    Packages are very light – their weight varies between 1-18 kg.
  • How much do you charge for shipping?
    Sample delivery is free.
    Up to 3 panels, shipping is 19 pounds.
    Shipping is free from 4 panels.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
  • Can I return my order? 
    If you want return your order, contact with us.


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