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our story

Good4Wall is a brand that combines an innovational approach to products applicable in the interior decoration department using the highest quality solutions and materials.


Some people call us lunatics and rebels that reject norms of rational thinking, which – to be honest – is hard for us to disagree with. On the other hand, we like to define ourselves as souls sensitive to all the vibrations and textures created by nature that surround us.

Nature is the factor that inspires us to the greatest extent – we adore questioning it and subjecting to constant modifications.


We consider them as connected vessels – the material and idea become one organism, a matter that can be touched, experienced and used in a given space.

We love to break stereotypes and make the impossible possible. Thanks to technology we are able to recreate both natural and industrial, much heftier designs. Hardwood becomes soft. It turns out that cold metal can be warm, pleasant and has an ability to create a magical mood. That’s why our product was given the name MagicWall.

Changing trends force the creation of technologies and media that allow making modifications, where it previously seemed impossible.


Those values guide us ​​in both private and professional life. MagicWall is a reflection of our dreams and fantasies in the pursuit of creating a wall finishing element that consists of material that has not been used this way so far.

The idea of our company is to offer simple solutions while maintaining the highest quality of design and responding to the high needs of today’s recipient.

The beginnings were not easy – uncertainty as to the profitability of taking risks and implementing a completely new product on the market, which was intensified by voices from various parties, discouraging involvement in the new project meant that we delayed taking action for a long time.


We began creating the first panels with very simple and common media that did not meet our requirements – their austerity and susceptibility to damage mobilized us to look for the perfect material. Thanks to the determination and love for design and its functionality, we have managed to achieve the highest level in creating a product, for which our website is the business card.


MagicWall is a solution developed and tested from every angle – the product is subjected to endurance tests at every stage of production. Our priority is to adjust the maximum functionality of the product, which consists of ease of assembly and high-quality materials without diminishing the artistic qualities of design. As designers, we invite the recipient to participate in the self-creation of their space.
We care about the environment. An achievement that we are particularly proud of is the development of a vacuum packaging method for panels, so they take up much less space.
This solution contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

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